Tuesday, 29 September 2015

QFC - How does it work?!

Quest Fur Cover
How does it work?!

It's a grid wide, month long hunt, aimed at furry and furry friendly, stores, communities and places! 
As a hunter you don't need to worry about anything except looking for a bat! 
When the hunt opens you'll be given the first landmark to the first location to look for a bat holding a special prize! Along with the prize you'll get your landmark to the next location!
Some stores offer hints, some don't it's all part of the fun!
All bats should be priced to 0L.

Play fair!
You may hunt in groups or alone but don't give out locations etc in public or in the QFC chat! 
This is a hunt for a reason don't spoil it for others
Cheaters will be roasted on the bonfire in the FF Halloween town ;)
Have fun!
.::Current Quest Fur Cover Hunt::.

October 2015

Hunt list to come shortly