Hunting tips and etiquette

Here are some basic tips to make the hunting process as fun as possible for everyone involved; hunter and merchant alike

- HAVE FUN! Spend time hunting for the gifts in each shop, enjoy the hunt experience, but don't let yourself get overly frustrated! Hunt with a friend, and politely ask for help in the QFC group when needed.

- WATCH YOUR HEAD! As soon as possible, move out of the way of the landing point, this way 10+ other avatars don't land on your head and/or lag you to bits

- CAN YOU SEE ME NOW? - We recommend that you wait for the entire shop to load before you attempt to hunt down the prize. This will minimize your frustration. Store not rezzing? Relog!

- ORGANIZATION IS YOUR FRIEND! - Make a hunt folder, and drag each hunt item into it as you're going, this way you're not stuck wondering where the item from that really fantastic store ran off to, and you can more easily keep track of where you have and haven't been

- LAG IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! - Heavily scripted objects, overly complex mesh, and other things like that will only add to the lag while hunting! Leave all of that stuff behind for a fun and stress-free experience for everyone!

- PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! - Be patient. some stops will be harder than others, and you may have to spend a good bit of time looking before you find the prize, but our hunt organizers do our best to make sure that every single hunt stop has a prize out! Any stops who have been removed from the hunt, or who are lagging behind, will be noted on the blog!

- ITEM LOCATIONS ARE SECRET! -DO NOT GIVE OUT HUNT ITEM LOCATIONS. Don't give them out in local, in groups, on blogs, or ANYWHERE. Any hunter found to be doing so will be permanently barred from any and all Quest Fur Cover activities, and may also get banned from merchant sims as well. We take cheating seriously. Giving out locations will do no good anyway, since merchants will usually move their items very soon after finding out someone is cheating

- COMPLAINERS NEED NOT JOIN! - Please don't complain about gifts publicly...*EVER* If you don't like a hunt item, don't go and get it. Just because the item is not to your taste doesn't mean it's not someone elses. Delete it, and move on!. Badmouthing a creator or complaining about the FREE gifts that they are kind enough to give out will do you no good.

-SAY THANK YOU!! - Be grateful! While you certainly don't have to send out 100's of thank you notecards, if you find something you really love, let the designer know. Your hunt organizers work very very very hard to make this the most pleasant experience we possibly can... a kind word can go a long long way!

We hope that you have a wonderfully pleasant hunt experience, and join us for lots more rounds of Quest fur Cover!

Skyler Glasswing, Becky Doulton, and the entire Quest Fur Cover team

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